An introduction to 123InkCartridges’ social network

123inkcartridges social network

123inkcartridges social network

Welcome all,

For over 4 years, we have successfully transformed ourselves from a tiny anonymous to now a huge cost leader at the relative industry. As being one of the members who witnessed the triumph of 123InkCartridges , we are very glad to convey our happiness into the digital words which enables us to expand further, hence, we chooses social network- one of the simplest way to project our messages directly to the public in a timely efficient manner.

To start with the most prominent, we created 123InkCartridges facebook to better connect with our customers, we posted promo video, tutorial materials or even flayers or weekly special, the result came out very well, currently, we are hosting our 4th anniversary special event for our lucky customers who left recommendation for our page, the first 100 winners will be granted a FREE GIFT coupon so they will be able to redeem the gift when the next time that they are purchasing orders from us. We will update you the detail info further regarding to time and requirement on our Facebook page.

Facebook is not the only platform that we had, so far that we have 123inkcartridges linkedin, twitter, Google plus or even youtube, however, some of them are currently under renovation and will be activated real soon, we do have promo videos and regular twitter events, all you need to do is search “123InkCartridges” and you will be likely to get many info regard to us. LinkedIn is the newest platform that we will definitely need to focus on in the future, same thing for twitter, through one of the difficulty that we need to achieve is to increase our fans, so if any of you are able to give a hand, please support us by join 123inkcartridges and leave your comment. We would be very happy to see you there!

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