5 STARS: COOLER MASTER HAF 922 Computer Case

123InkCartridges now has the Famous Cooler Master HAF series Computer Case which we would like to introduce you sincerely in our stock. Really high quality and functional full tower computer case ideal for gamers and other enthusiasts. $110.99, you deserve to get one soon.We give this product 5 STARS.

The first image of the HAF 922RC full tower computer case is huge and nice. It has a rugged strong steel appearance with outstanding protection designs.

It would rather to be called full tower than mid tower actually. The height of HAF 922 is 19.75’’.which is longer and wider than its pervious famous nice computer case HAF 932. HAF 922 provides plenty of room for three long video cards with an open air configuration. There is plenty of room to install a lot of big components with no scraped knuckles. Another awesome place is the CPU tray; it also has a very large cutout underneath where the CPU goes. That means you could install your own CPU cooler from market in the bottom mounting bracket, without having to remove the mother board.

To show the sincerity and professional of wire management and air flow for the gamers, Cooler Master Computer case has a series of mounting rings at various heights which you can use with cable ties to secure the wires in the back of the mother board tray.

Anti-vibration pads offer superior noise reduction during those hard-core power-eating gaming sessions. The 3 fans come with very long and generous length adapters so you can plug them into peripheral connectors in the power supply.

We attach here the video from neweggTV, it also show a lot of amazing detail of this computer case. Plus ,it was one of the 10 best computer case sellers of last year. If you do looking for a computer cases, COOLER MASTER HAF 922 would be your number 1 choice. Visit our website 123InkCartridges and get one now. Also follow our FACEBOOK to get recent promotion event and save you more.



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