What printers have the cheapest ink?

Brother LC51BK Ink Cartridge

Brother LC51BK Ink Cartridge

There are several indicators which help you to define how to choose a good printer, the most important thing you need to keep in mind is that it will always cost lots more after than the initial cost because of the periodic of ink cartridges replacement, this is the an important consideration before purchasing printers. Depends on which model you use and how many pages that you will print, the answer will always be varies and might change from time to time.

In responsive for the cheapest inks, we 123ink.ca would recommend you the Brother LC51 ink cartridges, it is currently one of the cheapest ink at the market, moreover, from the test results which we had conducted, we found that these Brother LC 51 ink produce high quality and vivid image. If you are the customer who want to save more from your printer cost, then you can considerate choosing the compatible cartridges rather than the OEM one, the Brother LC51 cartridges have the market price approximately $27 dollars and you could get the compatible cartridges for $4-6 in average (We sell for $2.45), there are three colors in total (BK,C,M,Y), which we believe that the price is quite cheap, more importantly, this ink can be use for most of the Brother printer models such as DCP-585CW, DCP-165, MFC-250C, DCP-385C, MFC-290C, MFC-5490CN, MFC-490CW, MFC-6490CW, MFC-5890CN as well as MFC-990CW model versions, it is not just cheap but at the same time fully compatible with most of the fashionable Brother models.

At the following are the completed printer lists that Brother LC51 is fully compatible with:

Brother DCP-130C

Brother DCP-330C

Brother DCP-350C

Brother DCP-540CN

Brother IntelliFax-1360

Brother IntelliFax-1860C

Brother IntelliFax-1960C

Brother IntelliFax-2480C

Brother IntelliFax-2580C

Brother MFC-230C

Brother MFC-240C

Brother MFC-3360C

Brother MFC-440CN

Brother MFC-465CN

Brother MFC-5460CN

Brother MFC-5860CN

Brother MFC-665CW

Brother MFC-685CW

Brother MFC-845CW

Brother MFC-885CW



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