Sporty Shoe Lace Silicone case for iPhone 4G! Make your iPhone 4 special!

If you are a sneaker person still looking for a iPhone 4 case which meets your style; if you are always attracted by cute and funny stuff; if you want to make your iPhone 4 proudly different with the others’, you should look no further.

This Sporty Shoe Lace Silicone case for iPhone 4 features a fun sporty shoe style. As an ornament, a

sporty shoe lace sillicone case for iPhone 4

sporty shoe lace silicone case for iPhone 4

colorful shoe lace was placed at the back of the silicone case, which makes the iPhone 4 case more like a sneaker. Black, orange, white, blue, pink and purple, when you change your sneakers everyday, don’t forget to change your iPhone sporty shoe case and, tie the shoe lace please! The sporty shoes lace case is made of silicone which is high quality environmental materials and gives satisfactory grip when you’re holding it with one hand. Besides keeping the Phone from bumps, scratches and dust, the designed cutouts provide easy access to all buttons and functions of your iPhone 4.

This silicone case is easy to install and remove and can be washed repeatedly but still remains a new and beautiful appearance after every wash. Yes, you have plenty of colors of “shoe” to choose from, what’s more creative? You may need multiple colored laces to brush up on your lacing skills to make this unique.

Cute, durable, special, choose it, choose your style! Now click, let’s decorate your iPhone 4G!

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