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Primecables TV Wall Mount Bracket

Primecables TV Wall Mount Bracket

 In case if you hasn’t know yet what is TV Wall Mount Bracket use for, the Wall Mount Bracket is basically the supporter which enable you to hang your tv or LCD so you can make your monitor become more portable, and you can install wherever you want, no matter if is wall, around bed or even your desks..etc. Currently, Futureshop is selling this for $135.99, kind of expensive isn’t it? For the similar equivalent item, Primecables chooses to sell $62.99 to save your pocket significantly but at limited quantities as well, so you know now when is the time for you to spread your money at, you are always smarter than you think!

The LCD TV Wall Mount Bracket enables you to place most of flat LCD, TV or computer monitor ranging from 13” to 30”, the rotational arm offers flexible 180 degree extension laterally so you can view it at multiple angles. Talk about the material structure, the LCD TV Wall Mount Bracket was made by regid extruded aluminum which provides extreme rigidity, the weight limits to 30lbs and it is very easy to install and fit perfectly with how the LCD tv looks nowadays, the smooth lock mechanism make sure that everything that you move is flexible, and of course, it has mounting hardware included so there is no need for you to spend extra costs from elsewhere, everything in Primecables.

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