Kingston 16GB WI Drive–Supercompact Wireless Flash Storage for Apple Devices

Size: 121.5 mm x 61.8 mm x 9.8 mm, weight: 86g, if this pocket-sized gadget can add 16G of storage capacity to your Apple devices and make the content inside accessible wirelessly by three users simultaneously…? Yes, believe it or not, the Kingston 16GB WI Drive – Wireless Flash Storage for Apple Devices can do all these!

Kingston 16GB WI Drive

Kingston 16GB WI Drive

The sleek Kingston Wi-Drive is super-compact external drives which has a built-in Wireless-N access point and an internal battery. When they are lit up, the Kingston 16G Wi-Drive has three little LED lights on top which show the statuses of the Internet connection, the Wi-Fi network, and the data activity. The power button is on the side, to turn the device on, you’ll need to press and hold for a few seconds. To charge and, you can either charge your Wi-Drive for Apple devices by connecting it to your computer via Mini-USB port on the top side, or use the power adapter comes with it.

You’ve got too many music, photos and videos? The extended 16GB storage space allows you to carry more content with you without running out of storage space. All you need to do is copy files onto the 16G Wi-Drive Kingston by connecting it to computer before you leave and wirelessly access them from Wi-Drive when you need them. With integrated Wi-Fi and four hours of battery life, you can take your favorite media with you.

The major function of this USB portable drive is that it can stream its stored content to up to three wireless clients, such as an iPad, or a notebook thanks to the built-in Wireless-N access point. Over the 801.11 g/n protocol, just like your typical home wireless hub, with a password, accessing or sharing your personal media has never been this easier. The most impressing feature of the Wi-Drive is that it can also connect to another Wi-Fi network to allow its connected clients to access the Internet without switching the network.

If you are frequent traveller with one or few tablets and need more space for your digital content, the Wi-Drive is a convenient companion as it’s ultracompact, well-designed and internet-ready.Now at the Kingston 16GB WI Drive is waiting for you!


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