Couple your iPhone–New iGlaze Couple Hard Case for iPhone4

Looking for a perfect gift for your girlfriend or boyfriend? Have you ever look at your and his/her iPhone and think about something creative and cute? You’re at right place now. Check out the iGlaze Couple Hard cases for iPhone4 at— they are so ‘couple’ and cute!

iGlaze couple hard case for iPhone4

iGlaze couple hard case for iPhone4

The iGlaze Couple Hard Case is made by high quality plastic in various colors. Combining fashion and style with uncompromised protection, this sleek plastic case is durable and covered with an easy-to-grip fabric, which can totally keep your iPhone 4 safe. The lightweight custom cases allow full access to all sensors, ports and controls on your iPhone4 while perfectly protects your iPhone 4 from bumps and scratches.

No tools needed, the open-face design of this iGlaze couple hard case makes it super easy to slip your iPhone 4 in and out. This is a simple but a hard plastic artwork case made with love and care. This is a special gift for your loved one especially when you put your phones together, you’ll know they are special—you two are special.


Choose different colors and designs here, pink, white, heart or catty. Personalize your iPhone 4 with the iGlaze Couple case, no matter where you are, you know you are being loved.


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