Can Apple win the battle without Steve Jobs this time?

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On Wednesday August 24, 2001, Apple has announced the resignation of their current CEO Steve Jobs, who has been absence for his medical treatments since the beginning of the year. Additionally, Apple has also assigned another executive Tim Cook, will be carry on Job’s current tasks, however, now the question behind the scene is, will Cook leads another victory as well as Jobs? What would happen if Apple do not exist Steve Jobs anymore?

Back to the day when Apple was anonymous to now a giant corporation, Steve Jobs did great successes not only by providing excellent products to its clients but moreover, the idea of innovation and consistently seeking for improvement are truly essential and aspiring for many enterprises. Today, the concept of digital devices gave us conveniences from the revolutionary devices such as iPod, iPhone to now the iPad, those three elements have eventually became the core value and everything seems to be possible by embedding all into single device.  Of course, the simplistic concept and amazing design have transformed our daily events into another level, and it is true to say that, Jobs did create a huge snowball effects on innovation in which customer loyalty, scale, quality and innovation are all perfectly binding each others together, you won’t find a lot people who is as confident, visionary and perfectionist as Jobs for the recent decades, and it is no doubt such strength will leads so many revolutionary products that has been delighted by people who appreciated the concepts what Apple offers. While reading the news about Steve Jobs, it is just shock that the resignation from Steve Jobs did not just mean that his current body condition, but moreover, there is possibilities that the future ahead for Apple might be change, and the question which we are concerning about now is, will Apple still be able to compete as a industry giant without Steve Jobs ?

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