Adorable 4-Port USB 2.0 Hub w/Clock&Color-Changing Light


USB 2.0 Hub with Clock&Color-Changing Light

USB 2.0 Hub with Clock&Color-Changing Light



123inkcartridges now has some new adorable computer peripheral came in our stock. Today we’d like to show you one USB Hub which Come with Clock and Color-changing Mood Light.

Four-port USB 2.0 Hub included increase your USB connectivity, also the 4 colors mood light delights your working or study atmosphere freely.  Moreover, those 4 USB ports are USB2.0 which is connected everything in high speed.

Plug in with the built-in USB cable, cute and soft light covered by white base translucent top layer (purple, blue, green, and red) never off. Bring your good mood every day.

4port usb hub with clock and color light

4port usb hub with clock& color light


It’s not only with the simple and chic appearance, but also very practical and functional to your daily life.  USB 2.0 hub with clock &color light is also an ideal decoration to your home and office.

Go 123inkcartridges to order one now only for $12.99. Follow our Facebook and Twitter to get more new information of our products and leave your words there.

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