Add Fun to Your Wii games by 4 in 1 sports kit Only $11.49

Wii is continuing games innovation to represents a radical step into a new era of entertainment. Especially the sports games are welcomed by families, and there is no doubt that different kinds of Wii remote would make you feel less like a player and more like you are in the game。

4in 1 sports kit for Wii

4in 1 sports kit for Wii

This Wii 4 in 1 sports kit pack is a good selection, which including Tennis racket ,a Golf Club, Baseball Bat and Steering Wheel, of high performance with good quality and durable life. Add tons of realism and fun to your life through its precision built and the most realistic swinging motion.

The retail price is normally $29.4; 123inkcartridges always give you the best deal, only $11.49. Hurry up~! Don’t miss this deal out. We carry ONE YEAR GUARNTEE for you, and 7-24 responsible online inquiry service is always your side.

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