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Philips HD LCD monitor

Philips HD LCD monitor
















Have you ever think of replacing your LCD and get a better one? Today we 123inkcartridges introduce you the Philips 21.5” HD LCD Monitor to satisfy your demand. With the minimum cost which is currently selling as low as $159.99, you no longer need to worry about switching into other brands, a perfect display and vibrant images are what you have now by owning this HD LCD monitor.

The Philips 21.5” HD LCD Monitor features full HD resolution of 1920x1080p, it supports the highest quality from any HD signals which will transcend your viewing experience into different levels. The 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio ensure outstanding video display without compromising the quality loss as other LCD monitors, the image will altering itself at the optimum ratio by enhances contrast, saturation and sharpness dynamically for the ultimate performance. Moreover, this Philips HD LCD monitor adopted by eco-friendly material included its plastic parts, metal and packing which are all 100% recyclable and energy efficient, having one in your house means extra saving for the future, buy now and save tomorrow !

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