New Office Supplies not Heat Wave, Elite Creative Clip Board just arrived in stock

Summer is always a season for getting new office supplies. This year we might all forget those stuff because of the heat wave. With the high temperature and humidity, we always feel like 40 degree on the street. I really hope this could get over soon so we could all prepare for the office products shopping. Today I will recommend some new stocks –the Elite Creative Clip Board.

Office Supplies Clip Board
Office Supplies Clip Board

This office product, Elite Creative Clip Board, provides durability and protection for important documents. The Secure and showcase reports without punching holes could hold up to 30 sheets. This Clip Board is also following the ISO size which is coming with the wideness: 320mm x 225mm x 14mm. It’s really a nice piece of clip board in the office.

We have two color choice:


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