New Arrival!Small Gadget–Mini Magnet Paper Clip Calculator

Always forget to buy something when you don’t have your shopping list with you? Always want to calculate something but don’t have a calculator handy? Your calculator is too big to carry all day? Check this interesting gadget—mini magnet paper clip calculator. It may help you out when you are in such situations.

mini magnet clip calculator

mini magnet clip calculator

The mini magnet paper clip calculator is made by plastic and need one button battery. It’s not only a clip. It’s not only a calculator. It’s not only a memo pad. This mini paper clip calculator is a 8-digit calculator in clip form and also can function as a memo pad–just as its name. As a calculator and memo pad, it’s extremely easy to carry. As a clip, you can clamp paper, no problem, and when you don’t need it, just stick it on fridge because it has magnet on the back. For energy-saving, it auto shuts off after not being used for 5 min. Now a small gadget like this mini clip calculator will remind you what you need to buy tomorrow in supermarket, calculate how much you need to pay at cashier and even can leave a sweet message to your loved ones. Mini paper clip calculator could be an essential tool for your daily life and make your everyday’s life simple and clear.

How convenient? Needless to say. Now where to find this? has prepared it for you already. And you do have choice for colors though: blue, orange, purple, red and transparent. Or you can buy all the colors as a combination and give it to your family and friends as a gift!

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