iTon PA-BK03 49-Key Bluetooth v2.0 Wireless Mini Keyboard for iPad, iPhone, PDAs, Smartphones or PlayStation 3 Available Now!


It is very inconvenient and annoying if we operate our notebook, ipad, iphone, PDAs, or other devices without a keyboard. If you are looking for a keyboard for your devices, the iTon PA-BK03 49-Key Bluetooth v2.0 Wireless Mini Keyboard will be your best choice.

This v2.0 Wireless Mini Keyboard is the perfect companion for your notebook, mobile phone, PDA or any Bluetooth-enabled device! The wireless and smart physical design can save you lots of space. And the lightweight enable you take it anywhere anytime which is very convenient both for using and keeping.

This mini keyboard features Bluetooth v2.0 Wireless Technology and a 49-key layout so you can send email, chat, play games or surf the web with ease. Enjoy fast and reliable connection up to 30 feet away (10 meters). The iTon PA-BK03 49-Key Bluetooth v2.0 Wireless Mini Keyboard also works with Bluetooth-enabled desktop PCs, Smartphones, iPads, iPhones or PlayStation 3 game systems!

iTon PA-BK03 49-Key Bluetooth v2.0 Wireless Mini Keyboard

What you need to do is :
Step 1: Software installation. Insert Drivers CD and open the CD from “My computer” to get corresponding configuration file. Copy the file to your mobile device, and then run it to activate the software.
Step 2: Connecting and pairing. Turn on Bluetooth on your device, search the Bluetooth device then add it. Pair the keyboard with your device
Step 3: Complete the pairing progress. After complete the whole progress, you can use the keyboard on your device now.

Order the KYB-PA-BK03-PB for your iPad, iPhone, PDAs, Smartphones or PlayStation 3 now! Come 123inkcartridges, we are offering more than you can imaging.

4 comments on “iTon PA-BK03 49-Key Bluetooth v2.0 Wireless Mini Keyboard for iPad, iPhone, PDAs, Smartphones or PlayStation 3 Available Now!

  1. D Thompson

    Good day
    have you actually succeeded in activating it?
    I have 1 of these, the web site for activating does not work, and so it is useless.
    (the chinese manufacture didn’t pay for enough licences)

    1. andrewlu


      Yes we have succesfully activated, and we have re-testing just few secs ago, please make sure you open the power on button on the top of the table and do the pairing process under the “setting” and then “blue” and type the vertification code that it pop up and press “enter” and then you will be able to type it. Sometimes if you are not able to pair is because of the low battery issue, please recharge and make sure that the battery level will allow for this keyboard to work.

  2. D Thompson

    Good day
    I bought one of these 49 keyboards
    As before, it will not validate, so the apk
    does not install. When I try to pair it, there is no
    success, it does not pair.
    I know how the lights flash, so the keyboard also
    thinks that it is not paired

    When it paired on the Pandora it wanted
    a number typed on the 49 keyboard.
    But pandora has appropriate HID drivers.
    It had trouble “remembering” the pairing,
    I think a pandora problem.

    But I wanted it for the phone, and the apk
    did not install (wanted web, 1 time only validation,
    said it had failed, and exited. Same every run)
    I think this is why it does not pair

    1. andrewlu

      Hi Thompson,

      Thanks you very much for the info, I have tried that before and it works okay, but you have got the reason so we are going to test that again to see what happen there, normally, when you pasting the paired procedure then it becomes okay, that is how it happens for my phone, but anyways, please send me an email to “” so I can forward to you what is the result, and the same time I will forward this to our production dept make sure that they are taking this in consideration.


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