How to Connect Wireless Keyboard


Lots of customers buy Wireless Keyboard from us. A wireless keyboard allows its user to operate free from the restraints and inconveniences of wires, as well as minimizing the clutter caused by an excessive amount of loose wires. While some customers may get stuck when using wireless keyboard as they do not know how to connnect wireless keyboard. The below instruction can help you connect your Logitech wireless kayboard easily.

1. Insert Logitech wireless keyboard drivers CD into your disk drive and follow all the instructions stated in order to install the drivers. This will allow your computer to recognize the transceiver and keyboard as they are plugged in.
2. Purchase batteries for the keyboard. Check the accompanying Logitech manual for whether AAA or AA batteries are needed.
3. Find the battery cover in your Logitech wireless keyboard, open it and install the batteries. Make sure the plus (+) sign of the battery matches the plus sign in the battery socket. Likewise for the minus (-) sign of the battery.
4. Turn off your computer.
5. Connect the Logitech wireless transceiver into an available PS2 or USB port. The PS2 keyboard port is characterized by a round socket with slots for pins, while the USB keyboard port is characterized by a flat, square socket. Observe the plug of your wireless transceiver to see which category it belongs to, or consult the manual.
6. Turn on your computer.

After the above instruction, you will use your wireless keyboard now. Buy a Wireless Keyboard, please Visit Us.

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