How to apply 123InkCartridges Coupon?


123inkcartridges coupon

123inkcartridges coupon

Hello fellows, in this article we are going to cover how to apply our 123InkCartridges coupon, since we have heard so many questions regard to our special coupon code regarding to where to get them and how do we apply them individually, so we believe that it would be a better idea if we conduct tutorial video for guiding you step by step so no one would be likely to get confused again.

Please follow the simple 123 steps present at the following and feel free to forward this article to your friends and families:

1)      Log in your Facebook and search our company with “123inkcartridges” at the search bar


2)      Click “Liked” and join our 123inkcartridges Facebook Page


3)      Once you “liked” our page, a coupon code will be generated and type that code in our add to kart page

Voila and enjoy our Coupon as well as online shopping!

You might also click the tutorial video by clicking HERE




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