Go wireless with PremierTek GP-BT-03 Bluetooth Mini Adapter!


We usually hear about complain from friends or roommate that the wired adapter limited their movement when they are using a mobile device. Is there any way to deal with problem? Go wireless with PremierTek GP-BT-03 Bluetooth v2.0 EDR Class 1 USB 2.0 Mini Adapter which can used for mobile phones, PDAs and more! Check it with 123ink.ca.

With this PremierTek GP-BT-03 Bluetooth adapter you can establish wireless links between your computer and other Bluetooth enabled devices! It’s ideal for wireless printing, mobile phones, PDAs and more! The mini-sized PremierTek GP-BT-03 has an operating range of up to 328 feet so you’ve got plenty of room to roam! This Portable, lightweight and mini-sized device enable you Feel secure with built-in security features. Simply plug into your device’s available USB port and enjoy wireless transmissions with support for Bluetooth voice data. So far, this Multifunction Mini Adapter can save space and keep a neat wireless space for you. As easy as this way! It compatible with Windows 98SE/Me/2000/XP/Vista/7.

Still complain the wired adapter or still hearing complain from others. Recommend this USB 2.0 Mini Adapter to them and help them go wireless space. Cost $18.99 to have a wireless space. You deserve it! It is the specialty 123ink.ca offered. Visit US, find more than it! Weekly Special!

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