Another exploit flaw caused by Hackers, will Apple survive from this game?

iphone jailbreak

iphone jailbreak












The hackers has successfully exploited bugs from Apple Inc by creating malicious PDF format file, security experts said the bug will leads to criminal behaviors which potentially cause users to lose valuable information such as passwords, e-mail, documents, the device from users for all the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch might possibly remote control by hackers, quoted from Reuters.

From the history records, Apple sold approximately 25 Millions of iPad and 18 million iPhone since it launched during the pass years, the security flaw in Apple’s operation system has becoming threats for Apple users all over the world, especially for the one who has modified the iOS operation system.

The security flaw in Apple’s iOS operating system came to light on Wednesday as the website released code that Apple customers can use to modify the iOS operating system through a process known as “jail-breaking.” Apple has yet release any patch that protects customers against malicious software which exploits the flaw, “We are developing a fix that will be available for the upcoming software update” says Muller, however, the exploits flaw has the potential to cause millions of devices infected and more importantly, the trust between both side the customers and Apple.

So is the Hacking activity preventable? According to Comex, the well-known 19 year-old hacker who developed the jailbreak program, he said that the Apple might be able to patch but they won’t be able to move as quickly as hackers, “it’s not that hard to reverse engineer”-says Comex via telephone.

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