ThinkPad X201 Tablet,One machine, Multifunction!

ThinkPad X201 is the best choice for business use.

The authentic ThinkPad decent, the flexible tablet handwriting, portability and good performance make the ThinkPad X201/I5560M/160G/2G/12.1/W7PR/2985FSU the best choice for business use.

The 12.1 Inch Tab-74539GU is a little thicker than general computer. And the keyboard is connected to the screen. But that does not affect it’s good performance and portablility. No matter on surfing internet, watching moving or everyday business use, ThinkPad X201 Tablet (2985) should be much more convenient and better than general tablet or notebook. The soul of the ThinkPad X201 is: notebook+tablet handwriting=tablet PC.

The performance of this 12.1 Inch Tab-74539GU is very stable. It adopt the DDR3 SDRAM – RAM: 2 GB which is enough for general use and ordinary 2D games.

The Tab-74539GU is equipped with Rotary screen. We can magically change it from notebook to tablet.

ThinkPad X201 Tablet

 When we put the screen up, it is a standard notebook. When we turn it 180 degree and fold the screen, it become to be a tablet! When you are talking business things with three or more of your clients around a table, you do not need to take the notebook around to show them the information. What you need to do is turn the screen and all of them can see it. And the rotating shaft is very robust, so you do not need to worry that it will be easily broken.

The ThinkPad X201/I5560M/160G/2G/12.1/W7PR/2985FSU is input the Touch pad which support full screen handwriting. With it, you can directly enter the text on the handwriting board with your one hand and the other hand take the tablet when you are on the way or outdoor which is very convenient.

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