How Canada Post Strike damaged Canadian e-Commerce, will the CP saga finally end?

Canada post strike

Canada post strike


Last Sunday, the Union has announced that no “strike activity” would be happen however, it seems to that the CP sagas is still on its undergoing process for negotiation settlement between both the Union and Canada Post, so who would be possibly win the battle? We don’t know, the only thing which we are taking concern is, when will the Canada Post strike will be finally ended? So far, no any deadline change has been being planned.

So what’s now?Canada Post Strike

According to global mail, it quoted that the Conservatives would introduce a bill for ending the dispute, which simply means, it will take another week to pass into the law, comparing both the Canada Post with Air Canada cases, Labour Minister Lisa Raitt has justified that “into the labour spats by citing the damange that work stoppages could do to the economic recovery”, so the Canada post strike legislation will be created for implementing a mandate arbitrated settlement to end carrier’s CP lockout, quoted from sources.

So what about companies?

“The Post Canada lockout has been strongly affected our business, the issue has reduced our daily sales by 30%, the worse case is our shipments will be delayed, such things are not permitted to happen if you are in e-business….etc” – says Jack Zhan, the Founder for 123inkcartridges enterprise, which the company has been recently choose “Purolator” as their alternative mailing logistic instead Canada Post, but such “temp method” won’t solve the problem entirely, and they are not the only victim who has been suffered from the Canada Post Strike, regardless of mention other big companies such as Amazon or eBay who have rely on Canada Post’s services, the main question is, who should be responsible for all the losses?

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