Enjoy wireless calling -Microsoft Lifechat ZX-6000 Wireless Headset can help you


Microsoft Lifechat ZX-6000 Wireless Headset available now from 123ink.ca. Microsoft released this Microsoft Lifechat ZX-6000 to support voice mail from MSN. But can it compete against other offering on the market? Let’s chatting for it.

Different with the normal Wireless Headset, this Comfortable Earphone comes with Padded Ear Cup and you can adjust Earband according to your request which enable you wearing the Headset properly. This ZX-6000 Wireless Headset features a live call button that makes calling and pick-up fast and easy. The Noise-cancelling Microphone Headset automatically pick up your voice with remarkable clarity when you got calls. And Digital Speaker of this Wireless Headphone can delivery crystal-clear audio when you make calls. Also, rechargeable battery of Microsoft Lifechat ZX-6000 allow up to eight hours speaking on a signal recharge. As far as so good, it compete against other offering and acquire many buyers.


With the superior functions, no matter for Skype or MSN chatting or for game communication, Microsoft Lifechat ZX-6000 Wireless Headset will be the best choice you can not miss. The better is that 123ink.ca offer unbeaten price of $34.99. 5% less than Amazon $36.95. For details, please click HERE. You can also find out our Weekly Special by Visit 123ink.ca.

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