5 in 1 Wireless Headphone bring freedom to you!

Yes, we are boring with setting beside a desk with a common earphone and can not move even several meters. The worst is the long time wearing of earphone pain our ear and we have to get it off for a while every short time. Now MH2001 5-in-1 wireless Headphones w/Microphone Emitter & FM Radio can help you get rid of it. No need to sit beside the desk for music, you can move and dance with the Headphone on.

The special design MH2001 5-in-1 Hi-Fi S-XBS Wireless Headphones with padded earcups on both side to insure your comfortable wearing. This MH2001 5-in-1 Wireless Headphones w/Microphone Emitter & FM Radio offer you 5 options like wireless headphone, wireless monitor, wireless FM radio, wireless net chat and microphone. This Wireless Headphone can be used to listen to audio from all sorts of devices; from PCs and televisions, to MP3, CD, and DVD players, in both wired and wireless configurations. Built-in FM receiver can support you listen your favourite radio station. Also built-in microphone comes with this Headphone, you can chat far from desk.

Accessorize your multimedia system, giving yourself wireless freedom and versatility! Order MH2001 5-in-1 Wireless Headphones w/Microphone Emitter & FM Radio now. Enjoy more concessions from 123ink.ca. Click here.

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