Only $9.99 for Notebook Cooler Pad w/3 Blue LED Fans

laptop fans,notebook fans, cpu cooling

laptop fans,notebook fans, cpu cooling

Still worry about the temperature of the laptop’s cpu ? Now we have new solution- Notebook Cooler Pad w/3. A beautiful lap top cooling fan is new arrival. With it your notebook will looks cool and also the temperature is cool. Notebook Cooler Pad w/3 will pull heat away from your notebook and prevents the CPU from overheating!

Beautiful  Blue LED  fans makes it a pretty appearance. Most lady will love it for its strong cooling and beautiful appearance. So Notebook Cooler Pad w/3 is really a good gift for ladies on Mother’s Day. Order it now.

As Notebook Cooler Pad w/3 is USB bus powered so it is convenient for your laptop! It helps you to keep the notebook cool and extend its life! At the same time, feel free to follow us on Facebook or Twitter, we 123inkcartridges thank you for your time and consideration for being with us. Have a great day!

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