Eco Friendly: TP-Link Green Technology


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Today, Eco thinking influences our whole life, whole working environment in 123 Ink Cartridges —from the materials we choise to our smaller packging that we try to do use less space for more energy efficient transpotation.

Now, we highly recommend the Eco Friendly green technology of TP-Link Grenn products. Which include:[TABLE=126]

Those TP-Link products include Wireless USB Adpter, Wireless Routers, and Mini Wireless USB adpters. They all use the TP-Link Green Technology, which can save energy, save money and save our beutiful earth.

What is the TP-Link Green Technology? The answer is: 1. Tp-link Power Saving technology, it can expand your network capacity with much less power and saving your money. 2. TP-Link always follows the environmental regulation rules, which can reduce their product’s enviromental footprint. Moreover, in 2006, TP-Link became the member of the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS). And also achieved the recycling, reuse and other kinds of recovery of wastes, so those reaction can make the earth more health, pretty and Green.

Those products are also covered by our ONE YEAR GUARANTEE and RETURN & REFUND policies. With our Free Shipping servie you can have it in 1-2 days. So, are you a green people? Buy the TP- Link green product now. It is not expensive, you can affort it, and more important thing is you are helping us, helping every life at this planet.

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