Top 5 iPad 2 must-have accessories

Just got your iPad 2 recently? Congratulation if the answer is a “yes”, may be you have emptied your wallet just for that, but a smart customer must always have a longer perspective, what it matters is not how much it costs but how “long” it can survive, thus, by increasing the longevity at the same time maximize the overall device efficiency, you will definitely need to accessorize up your iPad 2 by having our Top 5 must-have-accessories from 123inkcartridges.

Multifunctional 5 in 1 Connection Kit

Thanks to the Apple, the new generation of iPad 2 allows better performance in term of detail graphic and speeding, you no longer need to worry about the drawback that won’t bring satisfying effect while doing presentation to audiences, but the important thing is, will you spend such high-price item separately from Apple store? Guess that’s totally not worth it. The Multifunctional 5 in 1 Connection Kit features almost everything you need, from charger, usb connector, AV cable, SD card reader to even keyboard extension, right now only for $59.99, get it!


iPad 2 case cover

I believe that it’s not necessary to spend much content on this, since the idea of using case is to increase the overall protection from collision and damages, there are many types of cases exist at the markets and depend what do you need, some people prefer hard case for mainly back protection, and some people prefer case with extra features such as stander or foldering style.


Silicon and TPU ipad 2 case

If you are short on the budgets but still willing to give your iPad basic protection, then the silicon case might be enough, it features ultra-lightweight and mostly water resistant, it avoids annoyingness such as fingerprint or dusts and more importantly you could install or removal in few seconds. started from $6.99, do not miss the chance!


Screen protector

The idea of having screen protector on your iPad 2 is pretty much similar to the same idea as having case, but the different thing is most of the case do not offer screen protection unless it’s leather or full case style, so in order to prevent such messes damage your iPad 2 front screen, having a good screen protector is one of the essential that you must have. The screen protector is currently selling start from $6.99 only.



May be it might be optional, but it is always advantageous by having an external keyboard whenever you are typing e-mail or document on your iPad 2, and this is how  wireless keyboard has becoming a tread, on one hand, the keyboard provides an easier typing platform and on the another, it gives you a fashionable look. The keyboard is currently selling in our store as low as $49.95.


After going through whole things, you might have figured it out that it is quite necessary for having some basic gear up for protecting your iPad 2 device, we 123inkcartridges would like to introduce more amazing deals for fulfilling your wishess, for more relevant updated information, please visit our web site or you could follow up on Facebook or Twitter as well. Have a good day!

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