Stabilo Boss Highlighter, a Boss you can trust!

We proundly present you a great product — Stabilo Boss Highlighter, from one of the worldwide leaders in the field of the office supplies. If you are not familiar with this product, here is what happened before. There is only one STABILO BOSS. Did you know that it was back in 1971 that the first ever highlighter was devleoped by a designer who accidently squashed a plastic mould and decided he loved the look?… And more than 35 years later the STABILO BOSS is still North America’s number one selling highligher. The shape is now recoginised all over the world and two STABILO BOSS are sold every second. Its super high flourescence and long life makes it the number one choice.

When you buy a BOSS you can be certain that it will be high quality, long lasting, and environmentally friendly. With its chisel tip, it allows you to highlight both the broad work with the 5mm side and more detailed accurate highlighting with the 2mm part. The STABILO BOSS can be used for both paper, copy and fax. Also dont worry if you forget to replace the cap, you are able to leave it off for up to 4 hours and the highlighter will regenerate once the cap is replaced.

In brief: this is a BOSS you can trust.

This pack of Stabilo branded marker pens provides an excellent range of fluorescent colours that will fulfil most needs, all housed in a reasonably sturdy plastic wallet. There are four pens in total and you can have yellow, green, pink and orange in this value pack. They last an absolute age without drying out. You can leave the cap off whilst using the marker for an hour or so and there will be no detriment to the flow of colour during that time or in subsequent use. Its durability is undoubtable.

In addition to being a valuable addition to your office or study, the Stabilo Boss Highlighter would also make a good stocking filler, particularly as the plastic wallet makes it easy to wrap. You can store them anywhere you want and you can put aside as long as you do not have the need without worrying they will dry out during which. The sealing technology from Stabilo provides you the most satisfactory experience with these Stabilo Boss Highlighters.

Do not hesitate to order since now the Stabilo Boss Highlighter Wallet of 4 is on sale for only $9.99. You can enjoy 4 highlighters with the Brand quality from the inventor of the highlighter. And you have a quality guarantee period up to 1 month. If you are not satisfy with these Stabilo Boss Highlighters, you can return them with the original package to within 1 month starting from the date of your purchase from and you will receive full refund.

Why wait? Order today!

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