NEW ITEM- SMK-Link Bluetooth Ultra Keyboard

SMK-Link VP6220 Bluetooth Ultra Slim Keyboard

SMK-Link VP6220 Bluetooth Ultra Slim Keyboard

Looking for cheap wireless keyboard? We 123inkcartridges would like to introduce you our new arrival SMK-Link VP6220 Bluetooth Ultra Keyboard, selling at the unbeatable price which is as low as $34.99, you will enjoy the equivalent benefit which you will get it from here, so what is the point for spending extra if you could get the better one from somewhere else. Please do not forget that every purchase with $49+ will grant a free shipping service, we believe that our customers must know what’s the best than we do!

The SMK-Link VP6220 Bluetooth Ultra Keyboard features advanced Bluetooth technology which reduce the usage of cables, this Bluetooth technology supports keyboard to have range detection up to 33ft and it  connects to the Bluetooth system without requiring reconnect again no matter if is in low battery or turned off, the design of the key pad reduce the key travel distance and hence it enhance the finger comfortability and reduce fatigue, also, the remote volume control and the hot key feature additional functionalities which make everything become simpler and faster, within the support of 2 AA battery only, you no longer need to switch into other keyboards, this is absolutely the ultimate deal which you will never wanted to miss it!

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