Lexmark 100XL Ink Cartridges Installation Guide

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Do you have trouble with installing Lexmark 100XL ink cartridges such as having error message?

It it annoying that printer does not recognize Lexmark 100XL ink cartridges and Lexmark 100XL does not work on your printer?

Before you install Lexmark 100XL ink cartridge, there are some instructions you should know.

Note Before:
If the cartridge can not be recognized, please refer to method one or method two of instructions below

1. Tear off the yellow tape
2. Remove the protection clip
3. Install in the printer
4. Click the cartridge into place and close lid

Method one:
1. Remove the cartridge and install the used or new OEM cartridge. Then close the printer cover
2. When the printer stops after detecting, take out the OEM cartridge.
3. Reinstall in the printer & repeat steps if required.

Method two:

1. If the cartridge is not recognized
2. Remove the cartridge
3. Gently cut off the black carbon article allowed to disconnect
4. Reinstall in the printer & repeat steps if required

1. Do not press hard on either side of the cartridge when removing the yellow tape.
2. Do not turn the cartridge upside down once the yellow tap and clip have been removed.
3. A gentle scratch should be enough to remove the excess carbon.
4. Please perform nozzle test, if nay break lines or stripes appears, please clean the nozzle.

Hope above information will help you.

The Lexmark 100XL ink cartridges are compatible with

Lexmark Impact S301/Lexmark Impact S305/Lexmark Interact S605/Lexmark Interpret S405

Lexmark Intuition S505/Lexmark Pinnacle Pro901/Lexmark Platinum Pro905

Lexmark Prestige Pro805/Lexmark Prevail Pro705/Lexmark Prospect Pro205

Lexmark Prospect Pro205 Plus/Lexmark S815 Genesis/Lexmark S816 Genesis

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10 comments on “Lexmark 100XL Ink Cartridges Installation Guide

  1. Petr

    Hello, my Lexmark pro805 printer cannot “authorize” the cartridge. I tried to follow solution no.2, but have no idea what “Gently cut off the black carbon article allowed to disconnect” is supposed to mean.

    Any ideas?


    1. vanessawang

      Please call our customer service 1-8669797463 or send us inquiry or chat with our customer representative by livechat.
      Thank you very much for your support!

  2. rjarczak

    What if the printer sill does not recognize the color cartridges ? (I’ve cut off the carbon article and reinstalled the cartridges). Now the display says “Install color cartridges” and the printer would not print.

    1. andrewlu


      We would recommend you to contact to our customer service department, the troubleshooting that they provided will be definitely helpful to you.

  3. Derek Parsons

    I have a prevail pro705 that I tried to replace the black ink cartridge. 🙁 the printer would not authorize it. I then scratched the article and reinstalled the cartridge. 😥 I then tried another cartridge thinking that I cut the article incorrectly but with the same results. 😡 I needed the printer right-a-way so I took another step. Taking the empty OEM cartridge, I removed it’s transponder and replaced the one in the new 123 cartridge. It worked but the level is incorrect but it printed. 🙂
    What am I doing wrong with the cartridge that I could not get it to be recognized ❓ ❓ ❓

    1. andrewlu

      Hi Dekek,

      We highly encourage you contact our customer service, what they are trying to do they will follow you every step to make sure you are making it right, and also from the troubleshooting that they are offering will definitely help you to prevent machine damage by install things incorrectly, since for some model the printer cartridges might be tricky, but there is always solution out there.

  4. Pierre

    These cartridges are a rip-off. My printer is a Lexmark Pro905 and ordered those 100XL replacement cartridges.I have wasted over $60 of my hard-earned money by ordering black & color cartriges on a single mail-order because I thought of trying out this websites’products. These cartridges just won’t be recognized or authorized by my all-in-one printer. Except once: after a lot of tweeking on one of them I got a black-ink cartridge to flow some ink, but guess what..? it shortly thereafter contaminated its two neigbors-ink-cartridges..yellow and cyan. Bravo! Followed all steps as stated above, sent an inquiry, got the same instructions again from tech support, then was asked to send pictures of the problem print out, and so on, etc etc… WHAT The HECK!??! As a previous customer wrote, What is “Gently cut off the black carbon article allowed to disconnect” suppose to mean. Simply ludicrous. They just won’t Refund any cartridges either if sealed packaged is opened. Once again foolish(How are we supposed to try out our new cartridges if we can’t break the seal on them for it will void the return policy?). Terrible experience, period. A Real OEM Authentic Print cartridge will NOT give anyone such a pain in the a$$.. i.e You put the new cartridge in the printer and secondly,it just works fine. Word-of-mouth and social medias hopefully with lighten up a lot of people before ordering from here. Count on me.

    1. andrewlu

      Hi Pierre,

      First of all, please accept our apology and we understand how angry the situation can be, but please let us to assist you by providing your model number so we could look it up for you, in most of the case if is our fault, we will grant you the refund and that has been written on our policy. We understand that your anger and we have heard it, but please allow us to assist you, may be there will be definitely a better solution for that?


  5. edwin

    Hi, I have Lexmark S400 cannot detect blank ink even I buy a new one it says black cartridge is missing. pls. help me. thank you…

  6. Enrique Tiogangco

    I wanted to thank you for this wonderful read!! I absolutely enjoyed every little bit of it.I have got you bookmarked to look at new things youpost…


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