Clear clip report Covers 10/Pack are ON SALE

Organizing your report documents better and easier, the Clear Clip report covers are ideal for you. Sleek design for your practical consideration, these clip sheet protectors are currently on sale at for typical colors: Green, Purple, Silver and Blue. Solely $4.99 for 10/Packs, beyond your imagination, right?!

clear clip report covers 10/pack

clear clip report covers 10/pack

Measuring 225mm x 310mm, the report covers serve effectively for your convenience when sorting and presenting documents, thanks to the distinguished features as follow:

Clear poly front cover allows the title page visible to tell;

Unique patented “non-slip” locking bar securely hold up to 20 sheets, and no way to slide off the cover;

-No hole punching needed, simply pull back the “non-slip” clip, insert pages and push it back: durable protection is thereafter ready;

-Includes 10/Pack for current combo.

Perfect for collecting your report documents for school or office application, the Clear clip paper protectors are the one and only deal in our store. Solid protection at ease, our clip report covers will substantially free you from anxious from the mess and possible damages to important sheets.

Choose your beloved color report cover to start its safeguard, you may consult our website: or call our toll free number: 1-866-979-7463 to complete the order. To know more updated on sale events, join our Facebook and Twitter Community and enjoy!

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