Arm your game:Saitek ST290 Programmable Joystick

A big fan of video games? You for sure deserve the Saitek ST290 Joystick to tremendously upgrade the gaming experience. Take ultimate control of your game with great comfort and ease, Saitek ST290 Pro USB 5-Button programmable Joystick is the very ideal choice to make.

Saitek ST290 Joystick

Saitek ST290 Joystick

Saitek ST290 Joystick delivers unique design and styling to provide gamers with the winning formula at any level. To offer optimum gaming control and position, the ST290 features whole adjustablility at fingertips, 3-position palm rest to comfort any hand sizes and central lever throttle enables control perfect for left or right handed players: A total customized Joystick ever to improve gaming experience. A simple USB connectivity is good enough to launch it, with 3D Twist, rapid fire trigger, 8-way “point-of-view” hat switch and five fire buttons, you will soar through gaming adventure!

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