Worry-free with Norton Antivirus 2011 OEM for an entire year!

The spring is approaching! Bad news? Virus are approaching too! Good news? We got Norton Antivirus 2011 here! Get your own Norton Antivirus 2011 protection quick!

Up-to-the minute protection against viruses, worms, bots, spyware and more, thanks to Norton Antivirus 2011, Symantec’s most popular security product, you are protected against a wide array of malicious software. Whether you are banking online, emailing friends or chatting via Instant Messaging, your protection is always on and up-to-date. Norton Antivirus 2011 OEM brings you a clean and safe internet.

What is good about Norton Antivirus 2011 OEM?

-You can Install Norton Antivirus 2011 OEM within 1 minute and it takes less than 8 MB of memory. Norton Antivirus 2011 OEM is super light on CPU usage;

Norton Antivirus 2011 OEM can do Super-fast scan: only 61 seconds for a typical Windows system hard drive;

Norton Antivirus 2011 OEM includes spyware protection – no need to purchase a separate product;

Norton Antivirus 2011 OEM provides minimal performance impact during gaming, movie playback, presentations and more

Norton Antivirus 2011 OEM offers you FREE 24/7 support for every customer through email/chat/phone

Norton Antivirus 2011 OEM contains numerous most up-to-date anti virus technology. For example, Norton Reputation Service can instantly checks where files came from and how long they’ve been around to identify and stop new crimeware faster than other, less sophisticated security software. Norton Protection System uses several overlapping layers of protection that work together to stop viruses, spyware and other online attacks. Norton Pulse Updates provides up-to-the-minute updates that protect against the latest threats without slowing down your computer. SONAR 3 Behavioral Protection monitors your PC for suspicious behavior to quickly detect new online threats. Norton Bootable Recovery Tool creates an emergency CD/DVD/USB that gets you back up and running even if your PC has become so infected that it won’t start up. Bot detection blocks the automated programs cybercriminals use to take control of your PC, access your private information, and use your computer to send out spam and launch attacks on other PCs. Worm protection safeguards your PC against fast-spreading Internet worms and prevents you from accidentally passing them on to others. Rootkit detection finds and removes deeply buried crimeware that can hide other types of threats and allow cybercriminals to take control of your PC…..There are a lot more features in Norton Antivirus 2011 waiting for you to discover.

With the most up-to-date technology, Norton Antivirus 2011 OEM is super light on CPU usage, extremely easy to use and yet it provides inpiercable protection against all hostile things on internet.

Now buy one Norton Antivirus 2011 OEM at 123ink.ca for only $46.99, you will not have to worry about the virus trouble for your computer for an entire year!

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