Upgrade your enjoyment with LG LED E2240T 1080P!

Looking for a monitor that can dramatically sharpen the image and maximize your enjoyment while watching movies, gaming, designing or simply live chatting with friends? Having trouble finding a monitor that can suit the arrangement of your furniture? Your current monitor heats up too easily?

Here is a gorgeous product that we 123ink.ca would proudly present to you – LG 21.5” LED E2240T-PN 5MS FULL HD 1080P, it can easily resolve all of the problems above. With perfect widescreen LED, ability to display extremely clear and natural pictures, neat and elegant desgin, plus super low energy comsuption, LG 21.5” E2240T FULL HD LED Monitor will be one of the best monitors you could ever imagined.

LG E2240T-PN‘s new LED LCD Monitor employs LED backlight panels that displays incomparably clearer pictures than CCFL panels and its mega contrast ratio of 5000000:1 and Full HD resolution makes sure that you get clarity beyond comparision.

For those who are not fammiliar with the concept of LED. LED is an Eco-friendly technology that does not use any halogen or mercury and moreover, it saves energy consumption by more than 45%. Yet it brings you much better motional image than the LCD monitor. Plus the 1080p full HD feature, watch the LG 21.5” LED E2240T monitor once, and you’ll never want to take your eyes off of it again!

In addition, the design of LG 21.5” LED E2240T is absolutely gorgeous. It is extremely slim so it does not take up much space, yet it emboies the most advanced desgin ideas from LG and it is so beautiful that having a monitor like this at home is defintely an indication of good taste. The LG 21.5” LED E2240T is a piece of art!

Now, for only $199.99, you can enjoy this amazing product, enhance your enjoyment of life and upgrade your taste! And we even ship it free for you!! Plus 14 days quality guarantee period with us and 3 years manufacturer warranty with LG, there is nothing for you to worry!

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Quantity is limited!! Order today!!

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