TOP 10 accessory- Luster Mirror iPhone 4 screen protector

ip4 mirror screen protector

ip4 mirror screen protector

Looking for screen protector for your iPhone? Not a problem, we would like to introduce our newly arrived Luster Mirror iPhone 4 Screen Protector, with the unbeatable price which is as cheap as $4.89, you could enjoy the same quality as well as what you would likely to get from Apple store, so presumably if you could get from somewhere which is much cheaper compared to this, why you need to spend unnecessary costs for the similar item? I guess that our clients know better!

The Luster Mirror Screen Protector is a perfect protection tool which makes your iPhone screen scratch-free and vivid, this protection film is made by thermo-plastic polymer, which implies that no sticky residue will be remain since it adheres with static, the film filter the ultraviolet rays and glare reflection which protects your eyes, more importantly, when the device power off, the screen film acts as an reflective mirror, and of course, it also block dusts, scratches or even fingerprints. This item comes with a soft microscopic cleaning cloth which allows you to remove the dusts or debris before applying our screen protector.

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