Pop out your notes!Sparco 3X3 Pastel Adhesive Fanfold Note Pad for a incredibly good price!

Looking to add a fun and practical item into your office routine? Let’s start with the most frequent thing you handle everyday! Sparco 3X 3 Pop-up Pastel Adhesive Fanfold Note Pad will lighten your daily office burden!

Sparco 3X 3 Pop-up Pastel Adhesive Fanfold Note Pad can pop up out of dispensers easily and each of them stays firmly in place. These adhesive notes use solvent-free adhesive. Therefore you can remove them from any surface without leaving marks or spots.

You now can have 12 note pads in one value Pack of Sparco 3 X 3 Pop-up Adhesive Fanfold Note Pad -12/ Pack. With 100 sheets a pad, you can pop out your notes everywhere!
The shape of the note is Square and its size is 3″ Width x 3″ Length. The notes are unruled so that it gives you as much as space possible to put down your notes. And you have various color options for the sheet,

you will never get bored.
What are the main features?
  • Pop-up
  • Removable
  • Solvent-free Adhesive
  • Fanfold
To place an order, you can simply visit
Or simply call us at 1-866-979-7463.
Pop out your notes and improve your mood today!

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