New Product – Macally FM Transmitter & Car Charger

We 123inkcartridges would like to introduce our newly arrived product Macally FM Transmitter & Car Charger with its amazing quality and minimum cost, with its unbeatable price which is much cheaper than any relative market ($18.99), you will able to recharge your device or listen to music with greater portability. In addition, everyone purchase with $49 up will grant a free shipping service, this is definetely the ultimate charging and musical sharing tool which is fully compatible with iPhone/iPod or any device with 3.5mm audio or USB connector, with the price which is as small as what it says in price, you won’t ever feel regret after purchased this item!

Macally FM Transmitter & Car Charger is both a charger and FM transmitter which originally supported for the usage of e200, c200 and c100 series of SanDisk Sansa MP3, however, it also works with any device that coming with 3.5 mm audio or USB connector as well. It is currently available in black color and allow 4 channels selection based on their FM frequencies, the sleek and compact design offers ultra-lightweight which allows you to bring it everywhere, just plug in the Macally FM Transmitter & Car Charger to any cigarette charger port from the car, you will be able to enjoy the convenient charging and portable music at the same time, with the product in hand, music sharing and charging have become extremely simple and practical, this is definitely the deal that you will never wated to miss!

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