New arrival:Memorex Foldable Speaker System

Memorex MI2290 Foldable Speaker System

Memorex MI2290 Foldable Speaker System

Ready to boost your iPod/iPhone with eye-catchy device? Why not try our new arrival Memorex MI2290 Foldable Speaker System. You will be impressed by the sleek and stylish appearance and distinct sound performance of Memorex Foldable Speaker System.

The Memorex MI2290 Speaker features a compact, folding design with an understated style. Since it is foldable, you can easily take it with you wherever you go! To optimize the easy portable pro, Memorex Speaker system allows itself to run off of batteries (4 AA batteries needed), so adapt it at home, in the office or traveling. Its universal docking station allows charging various generations of iPod and iPhone 3G. Other than that, Memorex Speaker system can be associated with other audio source (CD player, Notebook, MP3 player, etc) via embedded input port.

Two Neodymium speakers thereof are capable to create qualified sound and are specifically engineered for an extraordinary range. However, no bass has weaken the experience can be considered as a con, if you are demanding in it particularly.

To find out more information of Memorex Foldable Speaker System, you may refer to our website: or simply call 1-866-979-7463 for inquiry. To serve you better, any products’ updates or upcoming events will be shared in our Facebook and Twitter timely.

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