New Arrival! iPhone 4 Stand Leather Cover Case

iPhone 4 Stand Leather Cover Case with Clip

iPhone 4 Stand Leather Cover Case with Clip

Need a case to protect your newly acquired iPhone 4? just received this new leather case designed to perfectly fit with the iPhone 4. This iPhone 4 multi-functional stand leather cover case with clip comes with a hard plastic case and a leather back to cover your iPhone, which then slides into the stand/clip. It comes with a screen-protecting transparent film and a wiping cloth. It’s a stylish and convenient accessory to go along with your iPhone 4.

The new iPhone 4 is very popular. Anyone who wishes to get a smart phone would consider getting an iPhone 4. There are also a variety of accessories to go with a iPhone4, and an iPhone case is among the most popular. The case protects the iPhone itself from any scratches or damages caused by accidents. The slide-in stand also serves as a clip, so you can either display your iPhone on your desk or attach it to your person outside of pockets. For the reasonable price of $15.99, you get a multi-functional iPhone 4 case which offers very good protection.

The iPhone 4 Stand Leather Cover Case is only compatible with iPhone 4. It is a specially designed to fit the iPhone 4. The case offers great protection for the iPhone back and the film protects the screen itself from scratches. This is an accessory that earns its worth.

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