LG WH10LS30 Super Multi Blu-ray Rewriter On Sale!

LG WH10LS30 Super Multi Blu-ray Rewriter

LG WH10LS30 Super Multi Blu-ray Rewriter

Right now at 123ink.ca, The LG WH10LS30 Bluray Rewriter is on sale at $125.99! With the original price at $154.99, you save about 30 dollars! In addition, we will give you free shipping on any order purchasing this LG Super Multi Blu-ray rewriter. So make an order for it now!

You can install the LG WH10LS30 Bluray rewriter as you would install a normal DVD or CD drive on your PC. This internal Bluray rewriter supports SATA connection. With this Blu-ray dive, you can read and write blu-ray discs at 10x speed. It also allows you record Up to 50GB of files, photos, or business documents onto a single dual layer BD-R blu-ray disc. It can also playback HD video already recorded on a Blu-ray disc. In addition, this blu-ray drive is perfectly capable of reading and writing DVD-R and DVD+R media formats, as well as reading and writing CD formats. For a complete list of supported formats, please visit the LG WH10LS30 Blu-ray Rewriter item information page on our website!

If you’re looking for a powerful disc drive for your PC that supports all, if not most, of the known media formats, then the LG WH10LS30 is the right drive for you. It’s currently on sale status, plus free shipping, makes this a deal you shouldn’t ignore.

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