EZ Disc CD/DVD Disc Dispenser on Sale


In 123ink.ca you can spit out those hundreds of disks you have quickly and easily with this EZ Disc CD/DVD disk dispenser! This quality product dispenser features a black dispenser cover and base. Additional features include non-skid tabs and an instant-eject button. All you need to do is get a spindle cover to go with it!

EZ Disc CD/DVD Disc Dispenser
* General Features:
* Stylish Black design
* Holds up to 100 disks
* Instant-eject button
* Non-skid base
* EZ to use!
* One simple push and one disc will slide out
Package Includes:
* EZ Disc CD/DVD Disc Dispenser
* User Manual

Don’t subject yourself ever again to opening a case and spilling disks everywhere. Oops! Getting out a disk is so simple. Just place the disk spindle on the EZ Disc CD/DVD Disc Dispenser and push the button and voila! A disk appears! Fear not if you need more…The spring-loaded mechanism works hard to keep those disks coming out fast…Yep, you ALMOST got it! Now, get yours today on www.123ink.ca/ call our toll free phone number 1-866-979-7463.

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