In case if you still don’t know what “Earth Hour” stand for, Earth Hour is an annual event which designed to urge individual or business enterprise to reduce the amount of energy that they consumed by turning off all the non-essential lights in a specific date on March. The goal of Earth Hour is to raise up the concerns toward climate change/global warming, this activity was hosted by WWF (World Wildlife Fund) as an initiative, during year of 2010, so far that 126 countries had participated this event, our company are known as one of them.

As being for one of the initiators who promote green environment and peace, we 123inkcartridges are highly encouraging you to join us on March 26 from 8:30 pm-9:30 pm by turning off your light for one hour only. It is the only day that we will become the super hero for ourselves from saving our planet, at the same time, we act as a keeper for providing animals and plants a better place to live. Please read here to understand how we fight against climate change and please don’t forget to watch the following Earth Hour 2011 promotional video clip.

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