Eagle Tech USB Powered Speakers at $9.99!

Eagle Tech ET-SP2030U-BK USB Speaker Set

The Eagle Tech ET-SP2030U USB Power Speaker Set is now on sale for only $9.99 at 123ink.ca! If you want to have speakers for you laptop, but dislike having to plug in a second power source,then the ET-SP203OU speaker set would be perfect for your audio setup. For ten dollars, you get compact speakers which are light and portable to be carried around wherever you go. It’s definitely a good deal if you’re looking for an affordable little speaker set.

Eagle Tech ET-SP2030U-BK 2-Piece USB Powered Multimedia Speaker Set is, as its name suggests, two lightweight portable speakers powered by USB cable. It’s also a 2.0 channel multimedia speaker. The speakers have LED lights indicating power and connects to the sound output via 3.5mm jacks. This means you can connect it to most pcs and laptops as well as MP3 players and cellphones. It has a frequency response of 50 Hz ~ 20 KHz. It also has an on/off switch and a volume dial.

If you just need a portable set of speakers that don’t cost much, then the Eagle Tech ET-SP2030U-BK is the most right choice for you. The USB powering means that you don’t need to find a outlet for the speaker set, which is a big advantage when using with laptop. For the low price of $9.99, it’s a good deal not to be missed. Visit 123ink.ca for more details

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