Cheap price on Microsoft Wireless Notebook Mouse 3000

Microsoft Wireless Notebook Mouse 3000

Microsoft Wireless Notebook Mouse 3000

The Microsoft Wireless Notebook Optical Mouse 3000 can provide you normal mousing functionality. For basic usage, this mouse could be a good fit for your desktop or laptop.

The Microsoft Wireless Optical Mouse 3000 features a simple design, but built for a contoured design that makes it fairly comfortable to hold and portable to carry. The left and right buttons are nearly full-size and are easy to click. The scrollwheel is smooth to scroll. The Optical Mouse 3000‘s ambidextrous shape fits left-and right-handed users. It has a plug-in wireless receiver which allows the users to enjoy the freedom of wirelessness.

It is easy to start using this Optical Mouse 3000, just insert a single AA battery and plug in the wireless receiver. And the microsoft software is included in the package for your regular mouse control panel. From there, you can select the left and right buttons on the scrollwheel and customize them from a list of functions and tasks.

Microsoft Wireless Mouse 3000 is available in 123inkcartrdiges in the following colors: blue, green, pink, white,black and red. To take this Microsoft Wireless Optical Mouse 3000 home at a cheap price with free shipping.

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