50% Off for ArtDio DV500 iPod Docking Station

A smoky hot deal has been recently initialed against our new arrival electronics: ArtDio DV-500 Docking Station for iPod. Save instantly 50%, this high performance Docking Station will cost you solely $19.99, which is far below average price, for limited quantities: 5 left NOW! Equip your precious iPod and upgrade whose output, you are not willing to miss this deal.

ArtDio DV500 iPod Docking Station

ArtDio DV500 iPod Docking Station

What can you expect from ArtDio DV-500 Docking Station? Virtually, it will free you from every disappointment with sound performance of your iPod, particularly in the case that you have an outstanding speaker system but which fails to connect with iPod. Features its universal docking with entire generations of iPods, ArtDio DV-500 can easily fulfill the connection to any speaker system with a 3.5mm stereo input cable.

Additionally, The docking Station can simultaneously charge your iPod as well as Synchronize you iPod through a simply USB connection to you PC. Multiple accomplishments, ArtDio DV500 takes the charges at ease!

To impress you further, the DV-500 Docking Station allows as well to share videos and photos from your iPod with your TV, and comes with an auxiliary input that will connect to all lines in audio sources with 3.5mm output or headphone jack. A remote control coming with the iPod Docking Station will ease your navigation dramatically.

Interested in ArtDio DV-500 Docking Station with significant saving, please consult our website: www.123ink.ca or simply contact our toll-free number: 1-866-979-7463 to have further details thereof and place your order before it sold out. Hurry Up!

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