QYG POWER PACK for iPhone 4 is currently on sale!

QYG POWER PACK for iPhone 4

QYG POWER PACK for iPhone 4

Good news, the QYG power pack for iPhone 4 is currently on sale in our online store. Coming with its superior quality and artistic design, this iPhone battery case ranked one of the innovative tool which is commonly beloved by iphone lovers, for meeting our customer demand, we have decided to promote our item by lower our price from $68.95 to now $58.90, this is probably one of the unbeatable deal that you will never want to miss, do not miss the chance.

The iPhone4 QYG power pack is specialize for its innovative design, made by polycarbonate hard case, the most durable material which is commonly used to prevent collisions from industrial level, unlike other traditional PVC cases which are extremely fragile against scratches, bumbs..etc, the QYG power pack enhance the overall protection for your iphone 4 at the same time increase the battery longevity by serving as an external power supply. Simplistic procedures for installation and removal, this product coming in the package with a USB charger, it is definitely an ultimate tool that you will never wanted to miss, for this price and free shipping !

As represent from 123inkcartridgs.ca, we are dedicated to our clients by offering good quality product but below-average price, at the same time, your satisfaction will be guaranteed. For ordering our product, please consult us at http://www.123ink.ca or you can try our toll free number 1866-979-746.

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