New Product-Hand Free Bluetooth Kit Car FM Transmitter

Hand Free Bluetooth Kit Car FM Transmitter is a Bluetooth embedded transmitter which enables you to listen to FM radio or MP3, now selling for $25.95 in our online store, with this Bluetooth kit Car device, you can enjoy the high quality sound wirelessly via car stereo by simple Bluetooth pairing procedure, your incoming calls will automatically transfer to the stereo and back to normal once the call finished. It’s the best in-car tool that you should have if you are seeking for ultimate security, efficient phone calls, and wiser entertainment platform, we 123inkcartridges would highly suggested this amazing device to you.

With its simplistic Bluetooth pairing function, the Hand Free Bluetooth Kit Car FM Transmitter seems to be quite easy to get along with in term of installation or removal, you will no longer need to re-pairing again once you finished the whole set up process, just in case to remember for some cellphone they will be prompted for the confirmation code which is 0000, the MP3 decoder chip also read SD/USB card’s music format, just simply plug in this device into the in-car cigarette switch, and you will enjoy the entertainment with your colleagues or family members inside the car in a more efficient and portable way. This device is fully support with USB devices, MP3, iPod and also DVD player as well.

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