Lexmark 43XL Ink & 44XL Ink Amazing Deal!

Lexmark 43XL & 44XL Ink

Lexmark 43XL & 44XL Ink

Amazing deal for Lexmark 43XL ink and Lexmark 44XL ink! While you find them at other stores for almost $70 a set, check it out at 123ink.ca where you could save nearly half of your budget. If you consider it is not worthy to trade quality for money, you certainly do not have to. Because our remanufactured Lexmark 43XL & 44XL ink offers anything you desire.

Get the most out of your Lexmark printer with the least expense, your choice of remanufactured Lexmark ink is both environmental and economical friendly. Our remanufactured Lexmark 43XL ink and 44XL ink are recycled from original Lexmark cartridges and refilled with high quality ink. Therefore, you could enjoy superior images and outstanding results at an extremely low cost.

In case you’re still hesitating, we offer one year warranty on our remanufactured products. So if you encounter any quality issue, you could always have a replacement or refund with the same or equivalent value of the products. Shopping with us, we guarantee 100% satisfaction.


Going green and saving money on your printing, 123ink.ca is always with you. Log in our website or dial our toll free phone number 1-866-979-7463, you are about to start an unforgettable experience.

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