The No.1 source for your iPhone screen protector bundle!

We 123inkcartridges would like to let you know that we have many iPhone screen protectors currently available in our online store. No matter if you prefer crystal clear, invisible, anti-glare or even mirror effects protection films, we all have it here in the price that you couldn’t possibly believe it’s true. With the minimum price starting from $3.00, you will have all the protection that you need without even compromise how the way it looks. Don’t forget to apply our special 5% off coupon for saving few more bucks, this event will be ended after Jan 31th, make sure you do not miss it, BUY MORE SAVE MORE!

Our iPhone screen protectors are mostly designed in ultra-slim polymer overlays which prevent your iPhone screen from dust, waterdrop, fingerprints or even scratches, it is perfectly fit into your devices and since it adheres with static, they won’t have any sticky residue which could possibly block the screen, the iPhone screen protectors are pretty easy to install or remove and it is fully compatible with iPhone 3G/3GS/4 series.

Please confer to our following table for detail information:


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