Original Manufacturer Contact Information

As explained in our Return/Refund Policy, OEM ( (original equipment manufacturer) products are covered by Manufacturers’ Warranty. We DO NOT provide any return or refund if there is any quality issue regarding OEM products unless they were unopened. Detail information of manufacturers’ warranty is typically available at their websites. However, it is also possible to call them for further assistance. In this regard, we listed the contact information of original equipment manufacturers below.


If there is anything else we could help, please contact our customer service at 1-866-979-7463. Also you may submit your question via our 24 hours online inquiry. However, please note original manufacturers in the form above shall be the first to resort to, because of their further knowledge and expertise in their products.

2 comments on “Original Manufacturer Contact Information

  1. Don Hunter

    I have a dell v305 and have ordered& received the cartridges nd-mk993 series 9, and it looks good and fits well, but the printer does not recognize it as a full cartridge and so will not print. Is there any trick to fool the printer into accepting this cartridge, as now it is a useless printer. I assume your techs must know about this problem and how to get it fixed. Thanks for your help. Don Hunter

    1. andrewlu

      Hi Don,

      Sure, our Tech and customer service would be happy if you have time to give them a call to 18669797463, they will guide you step by step for solving your problem.


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