Logitech AudioHub 2.1 Speaker System New Arrival!



Logitech AudioHub 2.1 Speaker is here at 123ink.ca! With a custom tuned three chamber design and integrated subwoofer, the AudioHub provide you rich and premium sound.

One piece design elegantly combines a premium speaker system, USB hub, and cable control. The back of the unit features a cable management tray so you can hide any cables of devices that are attaching to the AudioHub. Additionally, Logitech AudioHub comes with a plastic arm that can be used to mount a web cam onto the unit. The arm is tall enough that it pokes out above the top of your laptop screen and the web cam attaches to the top of the arm.



One other nice design feature of Logitech AudioHub Notebook Speakers is that each of the satellites slides in and out, so that the speakers can be expanded a few inches out from the base of the unit. This is helpful to adjust the width of the unit to be just a bit wider than your laptop, so that the sound does not get blocked behind your laptop screen. It can also be used to minimize the size of the unit and to make it more compact during transport.

AudioHub 2.1 Notebook speaker provides a nice upgrade to your standard laptop speakers. Small size but nice sound!

Using the Quick Start guide, the installation and setup of the AudioHub was extremely simple and took only a few minutes to get it up and running.

Choose Logitech AudioHub 2.1 speaker, you find the solution to maximize the usefulness of external laptop speakers. Do not hesitate, order today!

123ink.ca continually strives to improve its product live to bring our customers the best products available.

2 comments on “Logitech AudioHub 2.1 Speaker System New Arrival!

  1. Steven Tamotsu

    how can you get this to work with an asus notebook. when pluggedinto usb port no sound bout nob controls volume

    1. andrewlu

      Hi Steven,
      You should be able to have sound as well as the volume control, I recommend you to follow the instruction guideline, may be you might find the answer that you
      needed. Let me know if there is other question that I can help you with.



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