JBL Creature III 2.1 Multimedia Speaker System-a feast for eyes and ears!

JBL Creature III 2.1 Multimedia Speaker System

JBL Creature® III 2.1 Multimedia Speaker System has long been to provide a flawless sense of hearing and a fantastic eye-catching design around! You can find the real bargain deal on such amazing 2.1 desktop speaker system in 123inkcartridges website.

High-quality Stereo Sound

This new JBL Creature® III multimedia speaker systems have a subwoofer and two satellite speakers for incredible re-creation of music and video and gaming sound, without taking too much space. This three-piece design produces high-quality stereo sound for music, movies and games.

The JBL desktop speaker contains stereo mini-jack connection allowing you to enjoy beautiful audio from a variety of devices, such as desktops, laptops, digital music players and portable listening devices.

JBL Creature III characterizeds by touch-volume control – you can increase or decrease the volume by one touch, and you can mute or unmute the system just by one easy touch. This speaker system can remember your last volume setting. And the amazing Creature III subwoofer provides clean, low bass.

Amazing design – taking your breath away

JBL Creature® III features 4 tentacular legs at each corner of the subwoofer and  the two satellite speakers that curl back underneath themselves giving a solid support with a organic fashion.

The stencil speaker case over the subwoofer and satellite speakers and the antennas reaching out from the back of the subwoofer lend mysterious and organic feelings. This JBL Creature® III Speaker System really makes us to believe that only unexpected, can not done!

Hurry up to take this perfect speaker device home from 123inkcartridges.  To get more information, please call 866-979-7463 or visit the website below: www.123ink.ca.

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